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Strictly Charity Shines in Ipswich: Dual Dancing Delight

Ipswich is currently sizzling with the rhythm of dance, as the Ipswich School of Dancing dives headfirst into another round of "Strictly Charity." It's our dazzling fundraising effort aimed at supporting the local charity, Inspire Suffolk. Meanwhile, across the nation, folks are glued to their screens, indulging in the glittering spectacle of BBC's beloved "Strictly Come Dancing." Let's take a closer look at the highlights of both these extraordinary dance showcases.

BBC Strictly Come Dancing: Week Two

Week two of "Strictly Come Dancing" delivered an electrifying display of talent, glamour, and dazzling costumes. Here's a glimpse of some of the standout performances that left us twirling with excitement:

To kick things off, Bobby and Diane charmed the audience with their Charleston, radiating fun and enthusiasm. Judges were impressed with their fantastic swivel moves, earning them a commendable score of 29/40.

Annabel and Johannes ventured into a ball pit for their Quickstep set to 'Walking on Sunshine.' Annabel's yellow ballroom dress brought a ray of sunshine to the stage, though they earned a total score of 22/40.

Jody and Jowita turned up the heat with a Pasodoble to 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC. Their dedication shone through, though they secured a score of 16/40.

Ellie and Vito whisked the audience away to the beach with their Foxtrot, accompanied by Ellie's striking stripy ballroom dress. The judges lauded their performance, resulting in a score of 31/40.

Nigel and Katya donned pink and gold for their Viennese Waltz, although comments on Nigel's footwork led to a total score of 27/40.

Nikita and Gorka's Charleston displayed significant improvement, garnering them a score of 18/40.

Les and Nancy brought entertainment with Les dressed as a Captain, earning a score of 15/40.

Adam and Luba delivered a Tango filled with character, achieving a total score of 23/40.

Amanda and Giovani dazzled with their sparkling Salsa, captivating the judges and earning a commendable 32/40.

Krishnan and Lauren's Foxtrot captured hearts, securing a total score of 20/40.

Eddie and Karen danced the Cha Cha Cha, with Eddie's unique outfit impressing the judges and a total score of 21/40.

Zara and Graziano showed improvement in their Quickstep, achieving a total score of 23/40.

Angela and Carlos wowed the judges with their precise and clean Jive, resulting in a total score of 29/40.

Angela and Kai charmed with their Foxtrot, earning a remarkable score of 31/40.

But the night truly belonged to Layton and Nikita, who stole the show with their Quickstep, achieving an impressive 36/40.

Strictly Charity: Week 2

Now, let's switch gears and check out what's happening in Ipswich with "Strictly Charity." The Ipswich School of Dancing is buzzing with excitement:

Julie and James have been diligently incorporating feedback into their Cha Cha Cha and Tango routines, ensuring continuous improvement.

Rebecca and Andrew brought infectious smiles to the practice floor during their Cha Cha Cha rehearsals, hinting at their genuine joy for dance. They may have even settled on a song choice.

Georgina and Martin have embarked on their Tango journey with a strong sense of independence, determination, and hard work.

JP and Amy are beginning to unveil their Jive routine, with rumors circulating about their choice of music.

Wes and Gemeilah are balancing two contrasting dances, the Salsa and Waltz, with Gemeilah focusing on perfecting her headline.

John and Sadie are making strides in their Waltz, emphasising the intricacies of Rise and Fall and the importance of maintaining the correct Ballroom frame.

Lorna and Terri brought infectious laughter and energy to their rehearsals, as they delved into the Paso Doble and Charleston routines.

But wait, not everyone could make it to practice this week! Our couples, who were busy saving the world from rogue dance steps, sent their apologies while they continued their secret missions to uphold the dance justice of Ipswich! Keep your eyes peeled for more of their dance stories this week!

As Ipswich's "Strictly Charity" event continues to unfold in parallel with the national sensation of "Strictly Come Dancing," both events are uniting dance enthusiasts and community supporters alike. Stay tuned for more dance and charity magic as the weeks progress! So, whether you're gliding across the ballroom floor or cheering from the sidelines, the dance fever is in full swing, and it's spreading like wildfire in Ipswich!

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Image credit: The Independent and The Telegraph


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