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Dancing Fever Takes Over Ipswich: Strictly Charity Event Unveiled!

It's that time of the week again! Ipswich School of Dancing is back with our ninth annual Strictly Charity event, all in the name of supporting Inspire Suffolk. As we gear up for another dazzling evening of dance and competition on December 3rd, we thought it was time to check in with our dancers and see how they're faring in this journey towards the coveted glitter ball. This year, we've added a twist by running our event concurrently with BBC's Strictly Come Dancing. So, let's take a closer look at what's been happening in both events.

Strictly Charity: Week 3 Highlights

During a break in their rigorous practice routines, we caught up with some of our seasoned and beginner dancers to get their perspectives on the Strictly experience so far. Here are some insights from our dedicated dancers:

Julie and James:

James is rocking the Cha Cha Cha, but he's not quite tango-ready yet. His arms are feeling the burn from all that dancing, but he's got a fabulous teacher to keep him on his toes! Julie's secret reveal: James doesn't like keeping his arms up - the struggle is real.

Rebecca and Andrew:

Foxtrot haters, listen up! Rebecca discovered that dancing it can be a whole lot of fun, especially when your partner is just as willing to embrace the challenge. Andrew? He's loving every dance step of the way!

Georgina and Martin:

Georgina and Martin decided to go the theatrical route for their performances, focusing on themes that the audience will recognize. Inspired by their love for movie week on BBC Strictly, they aim to captivate the audience and "take their breath away."

JP and Amy:

Jive? It's a challenge, says Amy, and it's all about the technical details. JP, on the other hand, can't stop singing Amy's praises and is thrilled to see her progress. These two are in it to win it!

Wes and Gemeilah:

Wes couldn't help but be impressed by Gemeilah's quick learning and flair in her dancing. Gemeilah herself expressed her enjoyment of the dance, particularly when it allowed for a bit of "flare."

John and Sadie:

Samba brought a lot of energy to John and Sadie's routines, with John admiring Sadie's natural talent and high spirits. He even confessed to waking up at 3 am thinking about their Waltz and Samba steps.

Matthew and Ana:

Ana might find it stressful, but she's swimming through the dance challenges with style and grace. She's a fish in water, and we can't wait to see her shine on the dance floor!

Lorna and Terri:

Charleston is their new challenge, and it's expressing their personalities like never before. But when it comes to their Pasodoble, they're having a blast, even if they can't help but crack up!

With so much energy and excitement building, it's clear that our dancers are ready to set the stage on fire. Get ready to be dazzled because Strictly Charity 2023 is just around the corner.

Now, let's switch gears and take a look at what happened in BBC Strictly's Movie Week.

BBC Strictly: Week 3 - Movie Week

The dancers on the BBC Strictly stage celebrated 100 years of Disney in an enchanting showcase. Mickey, Minnie, Tess, Claudia, Motsi, Craig, and Shirley were joined by various Disney characters, setting the stage for a magical evening. Here's a glimpse of the performances and scores:

1. Nigel and Katya danced a Jive to the 'Batman Theme' from Batman, earning a total score of 25/40.

2. Angela and Kai performed a Quickstep to 'Do-Re-Mi' from The Sound of Music, earning a total score of 26/40.

3. Zara and Graziano danced a Pasodoble to 'The Puss Suite' from Puss in Boots, earning a total score of 25/40.

4. Leighton and Nikita wowed the audience with a Viennese Waltz to 'There Are Worse Things I Could Do' from Grease, earning a total score of 28/40.

5. Angela and Carlos delivered an energetic Charleston to 'Who's Got The Pain?' from Damn Yankees, earning a fantastic score of 35/40.

6. Amanda and Giovanni danced a Rumba to 'Out of Reach' from Bridget Jones, earning a total score of 30/40.

7. Nikita and Gorka danced a Jive to 'Kids in America' from Clueless, earning a total score of 21/40.

8. Ellie and Vito performed a Viennese Waltz to 'Waiting On A Miracle' from Encanto, earning a total score of 33/40.

9. Bobby and Diane danced a Samba to 'Young Hearts Run Free' from Romeo and Juliet, earning a total score of 32/40.

10. Jody and Jowita danced an American Smooth to 'Married Life' from Up, earning a total score of 20/40.

11. Eddie and Karen wowed with their Couple's Choice to 'Men in Black' from Men in Black, earning a total score of 34/40.

12. Annabel and Johannes delivered a graceful Waltz to 'Moon River' from Breakfast at Tiffany's, earning a total score of 30/40, including the first 10 of the series!

With such spectacular performances, the competition on BBC Strictly is heating up, and we're eagerly anticipating how our own Strictly Charity event will unfold. It's clear that dance is taking center stage this season, and we can't wait to see which of our talented dancers will claim the coveted glitter ball on December 3rd.

Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the big night, and don't forget to join us for this electrifying evening of dance, all in the name of charity. Ipswich School of Dancing is proud to support Inspire Suffolk, and we hope you'll join us in our mission to make a difference through dance.


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