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We are opening! Safety First


We are so pleased that we have now been given the green light to reopen dance schools and get back to doing what we love. Although we have loved our time on zoom with you lots of you, we are so excited to see you all in person once again!

The health and safety of our staff and pupils is and will always be our number one priority. Things will be different to what you are used to but we must all adhere to the guidelines below to ensure we maintain a safe learning environment for everyone.

  • If you or any family member have symptoms of COVID-19 please DO NOT attend any of our classes or private lessons. Stay home and follow the government advice.

  • If you become unwell following a lesson, you must inform us immediately.

  • We will be maintaining the required Track & Trace record (name/phone number) which we will keep secure for 21days.

  • Lessons will be given using social distancing guidelines and our teachers have a non-touch policy. All dancers will be required to dance solo unless sharing a lesson with a member of your household.

  • Please arrive and leave in a face mask however, you are NOT required to wear a face mask for your lesson. If there are changes to this we will make you aware. If you would prefer to wear a face mask that is quite acceptable and our teachers will wear one on your request. We will have PPE available should you require it. There will be an additional charge of 50p per item.

  • Please pay by card or bank transfer prior to your lesson. If you must pay by cash, please have the correct amount in an envelope with your name and date.

  • Hand sanitisers. We ask that everyone washes their hands and uses the hand sanitiser provided, upon entry and when exiting. These are placed within the entrances and exits of our main studio and our hired halls.

  • Minimum washroom use. Please keep washroom use to a minimum, with one person at a time & strictly no loitering.

  • Arrive 5 minutes before your lesson. Please arrive dressed (except shoes) to dance as you will NOT be able to change in the washrooms. Wait in the car park or the designated wait areas you are invited in by your teacher. Remember to social distance at all times.

  • Please follow our one way system to enter and exit our main studio in Ipswich. For our hired halls, please see additional information.

  • Upon arrival you will have your temperature taken by a contactless thermometer. If you temperature is high you will not be permitted entry into the dance studio.

  • We have increased sanitising of surfaces in communal areas such as floors, door handles, toilet, sink areas.

  • We have implemented a buffer time in between bookings to allow our staff to clean the studios after each use. This is not for early access.

  • Parents. For children’s private lessons, we ask that only one accompanying adult brings them to the main entrance doors. We ask that you wait in the carpark area during the lesson and then wait by the back exit door for your child at the end of their lesson time. It is your responsibility to collect your child safely.

  • Please bring your own bottled drinks and take your rubbish with you. No food is to be consumed on site.

  • The ballrooms will be kept well ventilated with doors & windows open so it maybe cooler than usual so please be aware you may need to wear layers.

  • Due to restrictions on the amount of pupils and teachers allowed in our hall at the same time, our private lessons slots are now severely restricted, meaning we have less slots available. Therefore we will need to apply a STRICT CANCELLATION POLICY from now on of 48 hours notice of cancellation otherwise the full amount will need to be paid. This is something that we have been able to be quite flexible on in the past. Previously last minute cancellation fees through illness, work delays, traffic etc have often been waived but we will no longer be able to do this due to the knock on effects of the pandemic. We will also not be able to talk with you at the end of your lesson as we are on a very tight time schedule. If you have any questions please use your own lesson time to ask or alternatively you can always drop us a message & we will aim to get back you within 24hrs.

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